Mar 21, 2010

Which platform should I choose for Mobile Learning? iPhone vs Android

Out there, there is a war between iPhone (current champion), and Android (candidate) for the mobile market (where is Windows Mobile? what are they doing?). This war affect all of us that work with mobile devices in education, as we have to choose to develop the mobile app in one platform or another.

Recently I''ve read an interesting post in AboveTheCrowd about this war. The conclussion that I obtained reading it and some other good posts is that Google's Android is going to win the war for the majority of people. As they succesfully pointed: "Google is attempting to be the Microsoft of the smartphone market.  Perhaps ironically, Apple is well positioned to be the “Apple” of the smartphone market."

The reason is clear, Apple goes on with its Operating System mounted over its Hardware (as ocurred in PCs), while Android is an Open Source Operating System open to be mounted over any device of any company (e.g. currently I know at least Motorola, Samsung, and HTC).

These are two clear advantages: open source (millions of developers working for free to provide cool applications); and hardware independence (many manufacturers will use Android to reach the masses).

But, there is another good reason that will Google win the battle. While carriers have to pay a fee to Apple to sell its devices, Google gives them for free. Better than free! Google pays to the carriers an ad share! The reason is because Google don't need to earn money selling hardware or software, they want to control the device from where masses will make searches (and see its advertisment). In other case, if Apple would control the masses' device, it could ask an add fee to Google. And that's bad for Google's ad bussiness, which is its main bussiness.

And where is Microsoft in this war? I have no idea, but it's going to be very hard to compete against the Google's "Better that free". That's a bad deal for Microsoft.

So, my decision is clear, my next mobile learning projects will be over Android, obviously if I can't do it purely Web.

I hope to have helped you to clear your mind!

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