Mar 2, 2010

Future e-books will not be electronic, will be Augmented!

I'm still impacted with the BMW video of Augmented Reality in their service:

And thinking about other uses in education, besides offering guidance, I think books are going to be one of the places where AR best suits. Have a look to this video about an Augmented Book:

Although this technology is a fact, it exists, actually it exists for desktop computers with a webcam. The real power of AR comes together to mobile devices. There are some good applications of AR in mobile devices (mainly iPhones, Android and Windows Mobile), such as

Currently Layar is focused on geolocation-based AR, and not to signs in books. I want to find some spare time to research in some Open framework to support this integration with traditional books. Any idea?

I really think it would be more useful than current e-books (which are nothing really new, just text).

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