Mar 2, 2010

Augmented Reality is here! and is here to stay!

BMW is ahead in may fields of technology and marketing, and now they show us again their innovation engine.

When I first saw this video I though that I don't think professionals in BMW needs this guidance, but it could be very useful as an applicaton within education. Can you imagine a googles that tell the teacher what he/she have to say or do? I wish we never got there!

Maybe it should be seen from the other side. From the student point of view this system could be a very assistive and supportive method for practice-oriented learning. Imagine, in an engineering school, how useful it could be for mechanical, electrical, or electronics students! And surely it could easily moved to other fields such as medical surgery, or even to primary and secundary school, helping students to do their practices.

Actually, I think Augmented Reality is going to change the way we see education. AR is in fact a very powerful tool, but obviously it needs of some creativity from teachers, that has to be our work!

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